Antique & Collectible Clocks & Timepieces

The very first mechanical clocks were developed in the last half of the thirteenth century by Central European monks. And in medieval times they regulated the monastic calls to prayer by using mechanical tower clocks.

Longcase Clock - 100The very collectable English bracket clock first appeared in the early 1600's and continued to be made into the 20th century.

Antique carriage clocks are a popular collector timepiece and were produced by well known makers such as, Henri Jacot, Drocourt, Margaine, Pinchon, Paul Garnier and Japy.

18th or 19th century cuckoo clocks can command significant sums at any of the prestigious auction houses. Getting into the millions of dollars for a certified, pristine Schneider cuckoo clock.

Mantel clocks are similar to bracket clocks but both smaller and with less depth. The first mantel clock dates from around 1750-1760.

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