Collecting Vintage & Antique Glass is a passion for glassware collectors

Antique glass has a magical quality that attracts collectors who appreciate beauty in form and function.

VICTORIAN Cranberry & Vaseline Glass Epergne - c1870Glass is tough and wonderfully refuses to age like most other antiques and collectibles. Glass retains its beauty and its form while other items are worn down by age and use.

Glass objects are usually dated by their shape, colour and form. They rarely bear makers marks and are very seldom signed by the talented artists that produce them. And so, they require a practiced and experienced eye to determine where and when they were produced.

All glass objects start out as sand mixed with a few dry ingredients, but with the addition of heat and the manipulation of a talented glass blower we get all types and all shapes & colours of glass.

- Soda Glass has to be constantly reheated during creation
- Flint Glass actually uses flint as an ingredient and is prone to crizzling
- Lead Glass is tough and heavy, gives great clarity and can be faceted
- Potash Glass can be greenish in colour or with the addition of chalk can can be colourless and good for engraving

The final appearance or finish on any antique glass object is dependent upon the processes it is subjected to, the ingredients added and the skill of the craftsman that produced it. It's also dependent upon the techniques and tools available at the time of production.

Antique Glass decoration can cover a whole range of techniques and processes including everything from adding metallic oxides for colour to trailing, prunting, lampwork, engraving, enamelling, gilding, grinding and cutting.

For glass collectors there are an extensive range of types, periods, manufacturers, shapes and forms to specialise in collecting. There really are few limits to glass collecting.

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OPALINE GLASS – Handpainted Victorian Vase c1880

£140.00 £85.00
A lovely and unusual hand-blown and hand-painted Victorian opaline glass vase of baluster form on a single raised foot, with extended flared neck rising to a straight cut rim. Beautifully decorated with a large floral group in gorgeous pinks, yellows, blues, whites and greens on a graduated blue/green gorund. The blooms and edges in raised enamels. The whole resting on a spreading hollow foot. The glass showing a warm red glow when a light is viewed through the glass. Dating to c1880 probably by Stourbridge Glassworks
Georgian Glass - Tear Stem Drawn Trumpet Wine glass c1770

GEORGE II – Drawn Trumpet Tear Stem Wine Flute c1740

ANTIQUE GLASS - A Good George II Plain Stem Tear Drop Wine Flute with Drawn Trumpet bowl - c1720-40 - Excellent condition. No chips or cracks - Typical minor imperfections & air bubbles within the glass - Bowl & Stem from single piece. Typical attached domed foot. - Excellent lead content giving a lovely ring Exhibiting good striations to the glass and evidence of hand tooling. Rough pontil mark.